Cambodia Vacation Packages

Cambodia is the best tourist place in this world. It is one of the Southeast Asian countries. It has many Ancient Temples, historical places and tourist places and so on.  Across the countryside, The Gulf of Thailand beaches is looking more beautiful.Archaeological wonders, impressive mountain ranges and lush national parks are also available.Cambodia Vacation Packages is same as Huahin holiday packages.

The peak of an ancient civilization at Angkor Wat

You’re on a tuk-tuk purring through the endless jungle and suddenly, the lush greenery parts to reveal the instantly recognizable towers of the Angkor Wat. Seeing the magnificent temple for the first time is a soul-stirring experience. A good guide makes for an enriching experience. The Angkor Wat is the pinnacle of Khmer architecture and behind its reliefs, carvings and form are symbolisms and tales that can only add to the magic of actually being in the massive complex. Whether it’s worth seeing at sunrise is debatable but if jostling crowds and waking up at 4 am do not appeal, try going at the end of the day – you may just have the dusk-framed temple to yourself.  Spice up your Angkor Wat tour with an aerial exploration. It’s now possible to see the majestic sites of the 400-sq km Angkor Archaeological Park from the air, whether from a tethered hot air balloon, helicopter or microlight aircraft.

A delectable feast for the Senses in Siem Reap

Temple explorations are best done in the early morning and later in the day. Save blistering hot afternoons for leisurely meals and lazy lounging in SiemReap’s many excellent restaurants and cafes. As a base for Angkor visitors, the town now has plenty of food options to offer, including international fare, but Khmer cuisine is so palatable, why would you settle for a burger?At local restaurants, you can try traditional favorites like fish amok, a curry steamed in banana leaves that everyone has a different recipe for. Some are more like fish chunks with a thick sauce while others veer towards a fish cake reminiscent of oak-oak. On the streets, fresh baguettes – a legacy of Cambodia’s colonial past – are readily available from peddlers on bicycles. In the evening, head to the makeshift stalls near Pub Street for freshly grilled meats and seafood, washed down with cheap local beer.

 Luxury accommodation in Siem Reap and beyond

There are many stylish and unique hotel options in Siem Reap, and it’s highly tempting to splash out on accommodation when it comes to booking a Siem Reap holiday package. Late last year, the famed Hôtel de la Paix was reborn as Park Hyatt Siem Reap. Traditional Khmer design and Art Deco elements come together in this boutique hotel that not just has Khmer-inspired contemporary art in the rooms, but also a gallery space featuring local art.A short drive from the town Centre, you will find Sojourn Boutique Villas, a socially responsible resort with only 10 luxurious villas surrounded by palm tree gardens in. Located in Treak village, it hires locals and channels funds back into health and education programmes for the community. To view more details for holiday packages click here.